SDHJ Series Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

It is a batch mixer that uniformly mixes free flowing dry solid materials. It is Widely used in feed, flour and other grain processing industry, used for mixing materials.


■ Unique equal ratio of length and diameter “pear type” cylinder for high-speed mixing, mixing time of each batch is 30~120 seconds, mixing uniformity Cv≤5%;

■ Special blade design to enhance material convection, shearing and mixing;

■ Full-length large-opening door structure, so that the residual amount of the mixer is within 0.5%;

■ Unique shaft end and door frame sealing device to ensure no leakage;

■ Access door with safety lock for easy cleaning and maintenance;

■ The reducer is adopts gear reducer with low noise, stable operation and long service life.

SDHJ Series Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

SDHJ Series Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

Modeleffective volume (m3)Mix   quantity per batch (kg)Power(kw)

SDHJ Series Single Shaft Paddle Mixer Sample Drawing

SDHJ Series Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

Equipment allocation

Paddle : -12/Q235

Shell curved plate: -6/Q235

Shell wallboard: -12/Q235


Open door cylinder (with magnetic switch): Delixi



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