8-4000T Corn Silo Storage Project in Grain Industry

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd. is specialized in the R&D, development, design, manufacture and sales & service of steel silo equipment and silo system engineering technology. Steel silo can be used in: grain industry, feed industry, oil industry, building materials industry, brewing industry and port industry. FDSP silo specializes in the design, manufacture, installation of helix silo and bolted silo engineering.

Introduction to bolted silo:

Made of high quality hot dip galvanized steel sheet (galvanized specification can be: 275g/㎡, 350g/㎡, 450g/㎡). Adopted automatic corrugated board production line. The diameter of the assembly silo can range from φ2.75m to φ27.5m. The height of the straight tube section can range from 1.12m to 20.16m, and the storage volume can range from 11m3 to 13333m3.

The interior of the silo can be configured with temperature measuring system, ventilation system, material level system and circulation fumigation system according to customer requirements.

Silos can be divided into: corn steel silos, soybean steel silos, wheat steel silos, barley steel silos, sorghum steel silos, soybean meal steel silos, sawdust steel silos, biomass pellet steel silos; At the same time, our company can customize the production of flour steel silos, cement steel silos, building materials steel silos;

According to the form of conical bottom, silos can be divided into: concrete flat bottom steel silos, concrete cone bottom steel silos, steel structure support silos (single silo capacity should be less than 1500T);

This project is a 8-4000T corn silo storage project

8-4000T Corn Silo Storage Project in Grain Industry

Project introduction:

The process characteristics of this project are as follows:

1. The main materials in the steel silo are: corn, the silo type is the assembly silo, the diameter is ¢18.3m , 20.16m high in the straight tube section, and the foundation form is the concrete full cone foundation;

2. Main process flow: unloading -- cleaning -- silo storage -- grain exchange in silos--silo output;

Project Description

(1) The unloading section is double-sided unloading, the unloading grid screen is the truck load-bearing model, and both sides of the unloading pit are equipped with centralized dust removal to improve the working environment;

(2) The cleaning section is equipped with large-output double-drums cleaner and permanent magnet tube, and the cleaning output is 150TPH.

(3)Silo storage section: In this scheme, it is mainly to store corn. The silo is equipped with temperature measuring and ventilation system, which can effectively control the grain situation.

 Features of the engineering process design:

(1) Bulk loading trucks at the bulk unloading site at the request of customers;

(2) There are two ways to load raw materials, one is to load materials in silos, the other is to load raw materials immediately after cleaning;

(3) The reinforcement of the silo in this project is designed as external reinforcement, which is treated with hot dip zinc, resulting in less residual in the silo;

(4) The base of the silo bottom is designed in the form of concrete flat bottom. The material output adopts the sweep auger.

Other instructions:

For different projects, different customer requirements, different processes, the following is the specific engineering options:

(1) Cleaning system (this part can be omitted if the raw materials are clean);

(2) Ventilation temperature measuring system (if the raw materials are relatively dry, and the storage time in the silo is less than 7 days in winter and less than 4 days in summer, this part can be saved);

(3) Grain exchange system (if the raw materials are relatively dry, and the storage time in the silo is less than 60 days in winter and less than 30 days in summer, this part can be saved).

(4)Bulk loading section can be added to the silo outlet according to the need, and a small bulk silo (between 50T and 100T) can be set up, which is more conducive to on-site management.

(5) Customers can choose screw silo or assembly silo according to their own needs.

8-4000T Corn Silo Storage Project in Grain Industry

8-4000T Corn Silo Storage Project in Grain Industry



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