Feed industry 2-2000T&3-200T silo engineering craft introduction

With the vigorous development of the feed industry in China and the world, reducing the cost of raw material storage, labor transporting and storage occupation is the urgent problem to be solved in the development process of feed enterprises.This is aimed at the feed industry, our company specially launched professional silo storage engineering design, including corn silo, soybean silo, sorghum silo, wheat silo, soybean meal silo, DDGS silo and other feed raw material storage steel silos.

Flow process introduction:

Feed industry 2-2000T&3-200T silo engineering flow process

Material dumping system → cleaning system →  silo storage system(ventilation, temperature measuring system, grain transfer among silos)→ Silo discharging system

Feed industry 2-2000T

Raw Material

Raw material for feed industry 2-2000T&3-200T silo engineering: Generally they are corn, soybean,sorghum, wheat, soybean meal, and DDGS, etc.

Working system introduction

Material dumping system

According to the customer's requirements, the unloading part of the feed industry 2-2000T&3-200T silo engineering includes discharge on single side and discharge on both sides. It is generally discharge on both side for feed industry. The unloading screen is divided into on-board type and off-board type. In this 3D diagram, the both sides off-board type is adopted, and the dust removal part adopts the centralized dust removal method

Cleaning System

The feed industry 2-2000T&3-200T silo engineering selects different cleaning equipment with different material types and paralleled with related cleaning equipment. In this 3D diagram, double drums cleaning machine and magnet tube are used in series, which can effectively remove large, small and small miscellaneous in materials. The soybean meal is clean generally and does not need cleaning and removing impurities, just need the tube magnet for removing irons.

Silo Process

The feed industry 2-2000T&3-200T silo engineering is according to customer's storage cycle or material processing cycle to determine the number and the size of silo( Generally the corn storage cycle is 1-2 months, soybean meal is 7-15 days). In this 3D diagram, there are 2 nos of 2000T steel silos (spiral silo) for storing materials such as corn or soybean, and 3 nos of 200T soybean meal silos (spiral silo), which can also be bolted silo( you may check the other industry, or other engineering example) according to customer requirements.  All exposed part of silo are hot galvanizing processing and the supporting is concrete supporting( if the silo volume is less than 1000T, you can use the steel structures).

There are level indicators, temperature measurement and ventilation system inside of the silo to monitor the material conditions inside in real time and effectively control the grain situation.

Silo Discharging System

The silo discharging is generally connected with the bucket elevator in the feed mill. Details can be customized according to the site condition.

Note: Due to the universality of silo project, customers can also refer to the drawings displayed in other industries.



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