LYHG Series Single Layer Drum Dryer


  • Wild applicable scope: biomass raw material as fibrous, block-shaped and caked powder type such as sawdust, wood chips, wood meal and etc.,

  • Roller ring and catch wheel support adopt cast entire type structure which is characterized by high strength, running stable, high resistance to wear and long service life.

  • Feeding by middle part screw conveyor or from top are optional based on different materials.

  • Barrel and input and output ends sealed by elastic wear resistant steel sheet, with long service life and easy to assemble.

  • Raising plate inside the barrel with special design and reasonable layout could mix material and hot air perfectly, and less residual and good drying effect;

  • Reasonable discharging structure , separating hot air and material high efficiently;

  • Adopt insulated cotton with high temperature resistance for outer barrel to reduce heat loss.



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